Everyone deserves to treated equally

Equal Opportunities

appoint, develop and train

Everyone is treated according to their abilities and merits.

Building Solutions Ireland​ are committed to a policy of equal opportunity in our employment and training practices. In conducting our business we will ensure that no job applicant, student or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex or marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, age, disability or other conditions not relevant to the performance of the job.

The Company recognises that individuals must be selected, trained, developed, promoted and treated according to their abilities and merits and the requirements of the job. In this way we can appoint, develop and train the staff it needs to meet its business objectives.

In applying this policy the Company recognises it’s obligations under all current legislation and all relevant directives.

To meet this objective the company will develop and continually improve its operations through an integrated management system that will comply with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, applicable environmental legalisation and regulations, approved codes of practice and relevant product standards that relate to the environmental aspects of the business and be maintained by the implementation of documented processes for management functions that are properly controlled and monitored to ensure the quality of service and prevention of non-conformity.

In order to ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of the integrated management system and prevention of pollution we will set measurable environmental objectives and targets that will be regularly reviewed and reported on and be available to interested parties and the public on written request.

We will ensure that the importance of the policy and objectives in meeting its clients, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements is communicated to everyone working for or on behalf of the organisation and also undertake to ensure that the competence and commitment of its staff to deliver the services required meets the needs and expectations of its clients through the adjustment of its environmental objectives and organisational goals.

All persons within the organisation will be required to undergo a programme of staff training and development to ensure they understand, implement and maintain the environmental policy and objectives. The IMS Manager is appointed as the Environmental Representative to act on behalf of the organisation with regard to all environmental matters and is responsible for the regular review of the environmental policy and objectives to ensure their continuing suitability.